Welcome to our Class Blog

Welcome to Year 3’s blog!

We will use this brilliant blog to share our exciting learning and the fun adventures within Year 3.

Happy blogging!

Mrs Crawford

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Our new wiggly friends

IMG_0317A big thank you to Charlie’s aunt who brought us in a large tub of tadpoles.  We will be transferring them to our school pond and watching them grow.  IMG_0318Do you know the life cycle of a frog?  Have a look at the diagram below and see which stage will be next.  Also check back over the next few days to see where we have got up to.


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Spelling Spiders!

Spider close upPlease say “Hello!” to the newest members of our class.  These are the Spelling Spiders.  They will hold all the week’s spellings for the different groups.  That way you can always get them right and use them in your work.  Why not challenge yourself and see how many different words you can get into your Literacy work?Distance spider

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